Diving Board Maintenance

Maintenance of your Duraflex diving board’s Slip-Resistant Surface: The surface must be tested frequently and found to be sufficiently slip resistant while the surface is wet. If the diving board is slippery, it must be taken out of service immediately


Causes of the board becoming slippery

  • Dirt and oil from users
  • Frequency and type of use
  • Excessive alkalinity or excessive minerals in the water


Maintenance methods

  • Each day, hose off the board with fresh water. Do not use a power-wash hose
  • Monthly, scrub with detergent or chlorine, hot water & soft bristle brush
  • Diluted Muriatic acid may be used to remove algae or stains


What to do about a worn out surface on the board

Immediately take the board out of service if it is slippery. Refinishing is not an option. Duraflex does not offer refinishing services outside of the USA

The factory finish is a result of highly developed techniques. Slip-resistant materials are bonded to the aluminum with epoxy; one of these materials works to reduce surface tension of water so that water does not "stand high" on the board. Duraflex does not recommend any other type of refinishing

As a result, once it is decided to take the board out of service it will be necessary to purchase a replacement board


Maintenance of the board's fulcrum contacts

The rubber channels on the underside of the board must be inspected periodically for signs of wear. The rubber channels must be replaced if they are worn in order to avoid the metal ribs of the diving board contacting the fulcrum


Maintenance of Duraflex stands

  • The stand cools off at night, and warm humid air condenses on the stand and handrails, leaving a corrosive chlorine residue on the equipment. Therefore, hose off the entire stand with fresh water each day of use. For indoor pools, it is necessary to hose off the stand with fresh water every day
  • Keep the fulcrum components clean, especially the tracks
  • Keep the roller clamp lock nuts, and anti-rattle lock nuts, snug and adjusted for a “no-rattle” clearance
  • The two grease fittings of the roller block should be lubricated periodically. Use “Mystic JT-6” grease and grease gun
  • The hinges that hold the board to the stand need 2 drops of oil every 2 weeks. Use lightweight oil as for door hinges
  • The carriage bolts that attach the diving board to the hinges should be checked for tightness periodically. The carriage bolt nuts need to maintain 110 ft lbs of torque



  • Handrails are made from 304 stainless steel which is not rust-proof. Clean with stainless steel cleaner and a cloth if rust appears. Rinse with large amounts of fresh water (not pool water)
  • Check installation and board bolts for tension. Maintain to 110 ft lbs of torque
  • Tighten rail clamp bolts periodically
  • Maintain slip-resistant step inserts with the same procedure as used for maintaining the diving board

*** Care & Maintenance Instructions supplied courtesy of Duraflex International. It is important that all Care & Maintenance instructions are followed exactly (including videos supplied by Duraflex International). Incorrect Care & Maintenance will result in damage to diving boards and/or stands either immediately or over time



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